Monday, November 2, 2015

pony boys thoughts

       one day during the weekend after sleeping until 10 in the morning i finally got up and went to go eat breckfast and when i went to get a picece of chocolate cake soda called my name to come and  play some football but i just wanted to sit down and eat my chocolate cake. but then I started thinking to my self why does darry always work so hard i never seen him take a day off but i just gave up on  that thought. so then i hurried up ate my chocolate cake and went to play football. so we finally stopped playing it was pretty fun i scored two touch downs all that track really payed off.

after that we went eventually went to go and hang at the drive in it was all right at least it was something to do since i haven't done anything all day since foot ball but daly kept harassing these two  girls even though i was with daly one of the girls actually started to talk to her name was cherry she was pretty nice. so we where kind of friends from there  but thats also where something bad happened to.

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