Monday, October 12, 2015

my day; once in a lifetime

I just arrived at the skatepark with my scooter i was getting prepared for a day I will never forget.

ok i'm ready! I set for a trick then once I had my opportunity I went rushing like I was going to be late   for my own wedding and once I went I never even dared to look back, not even for a second. I was going down the ramp so fast that what felt to be like 100 mph and as I was going down I could just feel the wind pressing up against my face to the point where I couldn't even hear some one screaming into my ear at the top of there lungs. then all of a sudden I could just feel my self being brought up 1,000 into the air that to the very point where I could see 50 miles in front of me then right then and there my heart just stopped but even though thats what it felt like I felt more  alive than ever and I didn't want it to end.

but right then as I was thinking that I didn't want it to end it was ending because I started to fall back down but that might of how I felt when it I was up there but the fun part was coming back down because i started to do all types of tricks and I was doing so many of them that it felt like my arms were going to pop off but right when I landed.  I looked around and all these people had the most amazed looks on their faces that all of a sudden it just got dead silence then with a sudden boom every body started cheering so I kept on going and going and then on my final go I lined up my scooter on the metal of quarter pipe hearing that clink of metal to metal thinking to my self what a day. And so with out a second thought I went and when I went I could feel the dirt kicking up behind me and feeling the wind cooling me off from all the excitement. then when I got to the ramp I launched off of it like a rocket ship doing all these flips,360's. then I landed safely dizzy as sipning as fast as going the speed of light. And with out a doubt I thought this was one of those days that was a once in a life time.

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