Friday, November 13, 2015

farming in the 1800's

the article was about farming in the 1800's

i thought the article from u.s history was very interesting i learned that in 1862 congress pasted a homestead act and That landmark piece of legislation provided 160 acres free to any family who lived on the land for five years and made improvements.

 I would like to know more on how much farmers got paid.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

a day in johnny's place

I sad down with my bottle of pepsi and my cancer stick and I was thinking to my self about my parents always complaining of how they raised me and how I give them know respected and that it is actually the other way around the  really give me no respected like how they always are beating me all the time and cause of that the  only family
I got is the boys. so once i finished my pepsi I got and put my weed out and walked over to the house and joined in to the game of football. but after that I just went back to the gas station and layed down in the parking lot with my smoke and looked up at the sky and thought that even though i have the wort parents i have it pretty good

Monday, November 2, 2015

pony boys thoughts

       one day during the weekend after sleeping until 10 in the morning i finally got up and went to go eat breckfast and when i went to get a picece of chocolate cake soda called my name to come and  play some football but i just wanted to sit down and eat my chocolate cake. but then I started thinking to my self why does darry always work so hard i never seen him take a day off but i just gave up on  that thought. so then i hurried up ate my chocolate cake and went to play football. so we finally stopped playing it was pretty fun i scored two touch downs all that track really payed off.

after that we went eventually went to go and hang at the drive in it was all right at least it was something to do since i haven't done anything all day since foot ball but daly kept harassing these two  girls even though i was with daly one of the girls actually started to talk to her name was cherry she was pretty nice. so we where kind of friends from there  but thats also where something bad happened to.

Monday, October 19, 2015

the meaningful word

stay gold johnny stay gold as johnny said right before a tragic moment in the outsiders. the quotes stay gold means all good things must come an end. which when he said that he was meaning that don't be sad poney an important things in life must go at some time.which i think is sad but that is probably for anybody and it's true but al least they will still be with us.

Monday, October 12, 2015

my day; once in a lifetime

I just arrived at the skatepark with my scooter i was getting prepared for a day I will never forget.

ok i'm ready! I set for a trick then once I had my opportunity I went rushing like I was going to be late   for my own wedding and once I went I never even dared to look back, not even for a second. I was going down the ramp so fast that what felt to be like 100 mph and as I was going down I could just feel the wind pressing up against my face to the point where I couldn't even hear some one screaming into my ear at the top of there lungs. then all of a sudden I could just feel my self being brought up 1,000 into the air that to the very point where I could see 50 miles in front of me then right then and there my heart just stopped but even though thats what it felt like I felt more  alive than ever and I didn't want it to end.

but right then as I was thinking that I didn't want it to end it was ending because I started to fall back down but that might of how I felt when it I was up there but the fun part was coming back down because i started to do all types of tricks and I was doing so many of them that it felt like my arms were going to pop off but right when I landed.  I looked around and all these people had the most amazed looks on their faces that all of a sudden it just got dead silence then with a sudden boom every body started cheering so I kept on going and going and then on my final go I lined up my scooter on the metal of quarter pipe hearing that clink of metal to metal thinking to my self what a day. And so with out a second thought I went and when I went I could feel the dirt kicking up behind me and feeling the wind cooling me off from all the excitement. then when I got to the ramp I launched off of it like a rocket ship doing all these flips,360's. then I landed safely dizzy as sipning as fast as going the speed of light. And with out a doubt I thought this was one of those days that was a once in a life time.